Embrace Seminar: Mindful Eating with Nicole Gunnare

Have you attended any of the Lovelace Women’s Hospital Breast Care Center’s “Embrace” seminars? Embrace is a supportive program for breast cancer patients and survivors with the mission to provide nurturing support throughout the cancer care continuum of our patients. For our May seminar “Mindful Eating”, Lovelace Women’s Hospital Registered Dietitian, Nicole Gunnare, MS, RD, LD, will present information applicable to breast cancer patients and survivors.

“I chose this topic because I think in our busy lives we tend to eat on-the-go and lose sight of what it means to sit down and enjoy our food,” shares Nicole. “We tend to eat in our cars or in front of the TV and no longer take the time to focus on what we are eating, how it tastes and how it makes us feel. I will discuss these aspects and explore the concept of being aware of your emotions while you are eating.”

Nicole shares what attendees can expect from this seminar. “Emotional eating is an important topic that most people struggle with,” says Nicole. ”We all tend to eat for reasons other than hunger, sometimes to fill whatever emotions are coming up. I will discuss the importance of slowing down and taking the time to pay attention to what emotions you are feeling while you are eating and question why you might be feeling those emotions. Other topics covered will include how to maintain a healthy weight and create well-balanced meals. This will be an interactive discussion so attendees can ask questions that come up throughout the seminar.”

Nicole also explains how this topic can apply to anyone regardless of their stage of treatment. “If you are a newly diagnosed patient and want to make healthier choices, I will go over the ‘My Plate’ theory and talk about how to incorporate a variety of healthy foods,” says Nicole. “If you are going through treatment, you may not be feeling well and want help focusing on how your body is feeling in general. If you are a survivor and through all of your treatments, this practice of mindful eating is something you can incorporate into your everyday life.” 

The Lovelace Women’s Hospital Breast Care Center seminar, “Mindful Eating” will be held on Tuesday, May 16, in Auditorium A at Lovelace Women’s Hospital, and will begin at 5:30 p.m. For more information or to RSVP, please call 505.898.3030 or visit //www.lovelace.com/news/blog/embrace-seminar-mindful-eating-breast-cancer-patients-and-survivors.

Nicole began her career as a Registered Dietitian at Lovelace Women’s Hospital five years ago after graduating from California State University, Chico with a Masters degree in Nutrition. She currently sees patients in the Breast Care Center and has been one of the speakers for Embrace seminars for over two years.