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Overcoming Emotional, Physical and Financial Tolls of Breast Cancer

Bernadette G.

Bernadette G. was never one to perform routine breast self-exams or maintain routine doctor visits if she could avoid it, but when a close friend was diagnosed with breast cancer, Bernadette began to take a more vigilant approach to her health. She began performing self-exams regularly and not too long into this new habit, Bernadette felt a rush of anxiety wash over her when she noticed a small, marble-like lump on the lower part of her left breast.

Cancer Prevention & Screening

Cancer prevention is important for everyone, and yes— that includes New Mexicans.

In 2020, there will be an estimated 9,800 new cancer cases in New Mexico, which is why prevention is more important than ever. Below are steps you can take that can greatly reduce your risk for some types of cancer.

Get screened