Prescription Service

Walgreens at Lovelace

Our goal is to make your care journey as smooth as possible. We know that patients need education about their medications as well as fast, friendly service. Call 505.600.4005 for details.

  • We are able to process and fill prescriptions for most patients.
  • We are able to process difficult and complex prescriptions, often referred to us by chain pharmacies, requiring intense intervention and follow up.
  • We are able to deliver prescriptions directly to patients in any of our downtown campus facilities. Each prescription is comprehensively checked to ensure to appropriateness and safety, and to identify and potential drug allergies and/or interactions.
  • All prescriptions come with consultation from a licensed staff pharmacist.
  • We work closely with prescribers to make certain that medication orders are safe and appropriate, and we contact insurance companies and prescriber when prior authorizations or overrides are required.
  • We participate with most major New Mexico insurance plans.
  • We have a diverse inventory of pharmaceuticals, including many specialty items and compound medications.

Frequently Asked Questions

The services provided by our pharmacy are the same as the services offered by any retail pharmacy, and so must be billed separately. You are responsible for any co-payment required by your insurance carrier at the time of service.

We do accept worker's compensation for prescriptions.

The pharmacy accepts cash, checks and all major credit cards.

The pharmacy will gladly call your regular pharmacy to get your prescription insurance information. We will also call the insurance provider you specify for your prescription coverage.

Once your prescription is ready, we will deliver it to you or your caretaker.

You can continue to use Walgreens at Lovelace or we can transfer the remaining refills to the pharmacy of your choice.

If you are an inpatient or day-surgery patient, let your provider or nurse know you would like to the Walgreens pharmacy to fill your prescriptions

We are open 8 a.m. to 6 p.m. on weekdays. We are closed on weekends and holidays.

We are on the second floor of the Medical Towers building, Suite 202. For your convenience, you may use the sky bridge that connects the first floor of the Lovelace Medical Center to the Medical Towers; it leads directly to the lobby of our pharmacy.