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Cancer Care Tips for You and Your Loved One

Caring for someone who has cancer is a beautiful gift. Of course, this type of relationship can be different from a spouse, friend or sibling relationship. It can at times feel amazing to help the one you love, but it can also be a big strain on you and your relationship with that loved one. Preparing for both for your roles and is a great way to handle the stress that can arise from caregiving.

Follow these tips and start feeling more prepared for your caregiving journey:


Get Organized

Lifesaving Information: Which Cancer Screenings to Schedule

Important Cancer Screenings to Schedule for Proactive Health

Sometimes making check-up appointments and getting blood drawn doesn’t feel all that important with the hustle and bustle of life. Cancer screenings get pushed to the next year or worse, are forgotten entirely. However, getting screenings is one of the most essential things both men and women can do for their health because the sooner you have all the information, the better.

Check the lists below to see which cancer screenings should be done at which time of life and when you should discuss with your physician so you can be proactive about your health.