Varian 21iX Linear Accelerator

The 21iX linear accelerator is a state-of-the art radiation therapy machine that can very accurately treat tumors, especially surface tumors, such as breast, head and neck, and skin cancers.

  • This treatment modality is capable of Intensity-Modulated Radiation Therapy and Image-Guided Radiation Therapy.
  • It has on-board imaging and Cone Beam CT, allowing physicians to verify patient position and tumor position at the time of treatment. It also has real-time Position Management system for respiratory gating.
  • The patient undergoes a 4DCT treatment planning scan so that respiratory gating can be used for treating tumors in the abdomen and thorax, where tumor motion is a consideration. This allows the beam to turn on and off as the patient breathes normally, so that it is delivered only when the tumor is in the correct position.
  • The 21iX is also equipped with VMAT technology, which shortens treatment times to one-half to one-eighth that of conventional radiation therapy. In a single 360-degree rotation, the linear accelerator revolves around the patient, delivering a sculpted, tightly focused beam of radiation directly to a tumor in less than two minutes.